Grant Management: Prevent Misuse of Funds

I admit it!  I am an optimist!I want to believe that is rare for a grantee to intentionally misuses funds.However, without proper planning and documentation, an organization places itself at risk for misuse of funds-both accidental and intentional. Prevent Misuse of Grant Funds Since the implementation of 2 CFR Part 200 aka the Uniform Guidance, grant recipients have even more requirements to prevent the misuse of grant funds.Additionally, there are more disclosures required for when federal grants funds are misused than ever before.So let's get into the details of what these terms mean... How Is Misuse Defined? By definition, misuse of funds is simply using funds for purposes outside of those dictated by the grantor. This can happen both intentionally, such as in the case of grant fraud, or unintentionally, … [Read More...]